Into the Void is a group blog written by two dangerous radicals hiding out in the Opinion Bunker deep within the bowels of the Earth. We even have geeky very cool Noms de Guerre.


Richard Ford Burley (“the Remixologist”) is a Boston-based writer and academic. He is the author of the novel Mouse, and helps run a scholarly journal dedicated cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. He tweets at @iwrotemouse.

Elle Irise (“Feminist Fury”) is a Wyoming-based writer, editor, and culture critic. She is also a recovering academic. She is the author of fifteen or so short stories she swears she is going to finish one day, and various daily Facebook posts in which she is, in her own opinion, hilarious and on point. She doesn’t have a Twitter because she for serious does not understand that platform, but you can message her using the doobly-do below.




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